VOIP Telephony Systems Provider

VOIP Telephony Systems Provider

Benefits Of VOIP Over Traditional Telephony

One of the biggest benefits of VOIP over traditional telephony is that VOIP systems tend to be more resilient as they run over an IP network which can support failover.

It’s more scaleable as it uses the existing IP based connectivity, so there is no need to order more fibre should you need to extend the number of concurrent calls.

The cost of SIP trunks tends to be a fraction of the price of an ISDN and the call charges are usually significantly less.

A VOIP system tends to be more agile as the only thing the phone needs is an internet connection. This means that a user can have a phone in their place of work and a phone at home with the same extension number and features.

The PBX that makes all the decision making on the phone system can be hosted by the provider of the service. This means that there is no need to have an expensive telephony system installed on the business premises.

It also means that the business is not liable for the support, upgrade and ongoing costs of the phone system. Instead, the telephony provider charges one low monthly fee and they usually include a handset as part of the monthly fee.

VOIP Cloud Telephony

Over the past decade, there has been a change in the way IT Services are procured by businesses. Instead of buying expensive equipment, the business buys a service from a provider for a fixed monthly fee.

This change in the way services are delivered is commonly known as cloud computing. VOIP Cloud Telephony is a business telephony system that is hosted on the internet or by the company that is supplying the service.

They normally charge a fixed monthly fee on a per handset or per user basis and include various services as part of the fee.

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