MPLS Network

MPLS Network

What Is An MPLS Network?

An MPLS Network is a way of connecting multiple building together over an IP network.

This enables each site to be able to communicate with each other over a private secure connection.

Similar to the way a VPN would work, an MPLS network comes with the added benefit that it doesn’t need complex firewall design to facilitate┬áthis.

The IP traffic doesn’t touch the internet, therefore it doesn’t need to be encrypted. Encryption slows down communications as the traffic is encrypted and then decrypted, which isn’t ideal for time-sensitive applications like VOIP.

The creation of multiple VPNs is also very time consuming and complex which can lead to unnecessary downtime if a firewall admin accidentally misconfigures something.

An MPLS network is typically delivered by a dedicated telecoms provider, so they act as a single point of contact for the administration and support of the network.

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