Leased Line Costs

Leased Line Costs

The great thing about leased line costs is that the price is falling year on year and the amount of bandwidth continually gets higher.

If your leased line is coming up for renewal then please contact us to see if we can beat your renewal price, or provide you with more bandwidth for the same price.

The typical cost of a 100Mb leased line is around £500 per month but there are many factors that can affect the price. If your building is ‘on net’ with your chosen provider there is normally no excess construction charges for bringing the connection online.

Excess construction charges occur when the leased line provider has to dig up the road or lay a new fibre cable into the building.

Leased Line Quote

We are able to provide a leased line quote but first, we need to discuss your requirements. Many things can affect the price of a leased line circuit.

This can be your bandwidth requirements if there is existing fibre connectivity into the building or whether or not the building can only support a certain supplier.


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Our friendly team of experts can advise you as to which providers are able to service your building. Any leased line connection is subject to a site survey and there is no obligation to purchase a circuit, should unforeseen charges occur post-survey.

Typical Leased Line Prices

Typically due to the costs of the circuit, you would install a leased line in commercial premises and the connection would be used to support multiple users. Leased line prices for residential or home based business are high and are usually subject to excess construction charges as the fibre cable needs to be installed in the property.

In a commercial property, the provider of the service is likely to be able to sell their service on to other businesses whereas in a residential property this isn’t possible.

As there are many varying factors that determine the price, it is better to get in touch before so that you can be provided with more accurate pricing.

Cheap Connectivity

It’s a known fact across the industry the prices of leased lines are falling year on year. A combination of things has come together to make this possible.

First and foremost government initiatives like the voucher scheme enabled many businesses to upgrade their connectivity in a very cost-effective way.

Another way that leased line costs has come down it to do with the number of connected buildings that are “on net” to most ISPs. What used to happen was that there were significant charges for connecting a building to a fibre network.

The more connected buildings there are, the less need to dig up a road and lay a cable.

Also, technology has evolved rapidly, meaning that like most technology, it gets faster and cheaper over time.

If you have a renewal price for your existing service, then please get in touch as there is a good chance we can save you money on your renewal price.

If you are in the market for a leased line for the very first time, then you have come to the right place. Given that we aren’t tied to a single provider. We can shop around to get you the cheapest leased line possible.

We have arrangements with all the leading providers, like BT, Virgin Media, Talk Talk and the like, to secure the very best wholesale pricing, so we can pass on those savings to our customers.