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BT is the UK’s largest ISP as they started out life under government ownership before becoming its own private company way back in 1984.

Originally known as the Electric Telegraph Company when it began life in 1846, the company today is widely referred to as BT rather than British Telecom and operates in over 180 countries worldwide.

In 1991 the UK  government sold the last of the shares that it held and from then until now, it’s operated entirely as a Public Limited Company.

With so many resources at its disposal, the company controls much of the UK telecoms market and due to its size operates a love-hate relationship with the UK economy.

They are able to provide connectivity to pretty much any UK postcode but given their size, we find that when there are faults with the service, many UK businesses complain about the lack of responsiveness from the BT technical support team.

Alternative ISPs include the following:

  • Virgin Media Business
  • Talk Talk Business
  • Colt
  • Metronet UK (now M247)
  • Kcom
  • Gamma
  • Virtual 1

We are able to provide pricing on BT Leased Lines and should you require diversity and resiliency we can typically deliver a secondary connection to most UK business premises.

Please contact us for pricing and one of the team will be in touch with competitive pricing from most UK leased line providers.