10Gb Leased Line – What You Need To Know & Costs

10Gb Leased Line connectivity is becoming more and more mainstream. We have been in the industry for over 20 years and have seen the incredible growth of the internet.

Not only is the internet driving increased speed, more and more businesses are feeling the need to have a global presence with offices interconnected at high speed.


The process of checking the availability of the 10Gb connections is relatively straightforward. We need two postcodes for each end of the connection if it’s a point to point circuit or for an internet connection or MPLS circuit, we only need the postcode of the building that needs to be connected.

Once we have this information one of our team will carry out all the research to help select the best 10Gb provider for your business.

They will then be able to provide you with a free no obligation quote and the contract terms available. Typically this is for one year or three years so you can select which option works best for you.

10Gb Connectivity Pricing

Pricing a 10Gb connection isn’t as straightforward as lower speeds like 100mb connectivity. This is down to a number of factors like the physical location of your premises, what connectivity is already in the building and if the site is a new build greenfield site or an existing building with previous connectivity history.

If you have equipment located in a data centre it’s relatively straightforward as these are some of the most well-connected buildings in the world.

A 10Gb connection within a data centre can be delivered in a matter of days, whereas an office block or building can take weeks of planning.

We have relationships with all of the major global providers of connectivity throughout the world with the likes of Level 3, Colt, M247, Zen BT & Virgin Media we are confident of finding the right partner, to deliver the connectivity you need and at a competitive price.

So whether it’s a UK to UK 10Gb connection that you need or a transatlantic connection between Europe and North America we can find the right connectivity partner for you.